Consultation Prices and Services

Our Home Consultation (up to 2hrs) is £300.00 and will provide the following:

  • Face to face advice on most appropriate architect for your design and budget
  • A sample quotation showing the minimum details you require in any quotation you received from a builder
  • Overview of terminology in connection with build stages and stage payments plan advice
  • Expected pricing brackets you should expect from builders for your specific build

Add-on Services

  • Review of quotations received and feedback email containing advice and any queries to raise – £100.00
  • Adhoc Confidential Mid-Project Site Visit £100.00 – these visits can be used to get advice on negotiating and iron out any issues you may come across during the project
  • Snagging Visit – £100.00 – these visits should be timed immediately prior to the final stage payment to ensure all works quoted for are completed to acceptable standards
  • Monthly retainer service – £40.00 a month for the duration of your build enables you to have 2 x 30min calls with the consultant to ensure you have peace of mind throughout your project and can ask any additional questions.


House Visit/Viewing of new properties to advise on works wanted or required and costings of potential works for purchaser planning to buy renovation projects:

  • One visit/viewing – £100.00
  • Two visit/viewing – £165.00
  • Three visit/viewing – £200.00


Advice on alternative building materials or processes for the most cost effective build

Ability to check your quotations, including all the major costs so that unforeseen costs can be minimised during your project

Highlighting areas where unforeseen costs can occur when changing items/preferences during the build process and what to watch out for

Realistic advice on where delays can occur and how to minimise any expenses incurred during these delays when employing contractors on fixed price contract, day rate labour or arranging separate contractors for windows/underfloor heating/kitchen fitting

All costs are subject to a milage fee for journeys over 5 miles from BD19

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