About Us

I’m Ben Johnston, master builder and owner of KLA Builders – I have been running my own building company for 15 years, focusing on constructing extensions and refurbishments, as well as completing a variety of fully project managed builds.  I am also a member of the Federation of Master Builders and Trustmark.

I have a passion for ensuring my customers get value for money. Unforeseen costs and poor planning from the inception stage of a build can be soul destroying, acrimonious and, let’s face it, it can be extremely expensive.

Our concept is simple: Engage with us from the start, save money and use our guidance to help you realise your build safe in the knowledge that you are adhering to current legislation, getting exactly what you have paid for and more importantly, choosing the right builder and building your dream within your budget.


I have 20 years’ experience in the building trade and over 15 years expertise specifically building home extensions, renovation and conversion work including mills and churches. This, combined with modern techniques and practical knowledge of building, enables me to provide clients with a thorough and efficient overview of their prospective project.  This allows you, the customer, to avoid costly errors when dealing with other professionals involved in the design and build of your plans.

Engagement with our consultancy prior to instructing architects or surveyors will allow you to eliminate any unrealistic ideas you have for your design, avoid unnecessary costs and ensure the design you request is suitable for your property and budget. Our aim is to ensure the build you dream of is the build you can achieve.

Our guidance on industry best-practice can inform alternative solutions at the planning stage of the project to deal with site specific and/or budgetary restrictions by suggesting different materials or alternative building procedures. This guidance enables clients to have a realistic understanding of what can be achieved prior to spending their savings.

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